July 12, 2017 • Southern Travel, STYLE SCHOOL

Style School: Easy, Breezy Summer Style on Charleston’s Famous Rainbow Row

The average temperature in Charleston in July is 86 degrees with 87 percent humidity.

Locals and visitors alike became all too familiar with sun, sweat, and sitting in front of the air condition during this time of the year.

While Southerners are born and bred to withstand humidity (it makes our hair bigger, after all), sometimes that weather proves to be too much, and we just need to throw on an easy summer outfit. But we still want to look cute and put-together, of course.

Charleston resident and style guru Liz Martin of the Charleston Weekender along with Ashley Brown of Sweet Southern Prep, Caycee of Hanging with the Hewitts, and Kelsey Hill of Chasing Cinderella know exactly what to do in this kind of weather: Throw on a Draper James t-shirt and enjoy the beauty of such a unique, picturesque Southern city.

Enjoy the beauty they did, as they modeled some of our favorite Draper James tees alongside Charleston’s historic Rainbow Row.

Draper James tshirt

From left to right: Liz in the Cherry On Top Tee, Ashley in the Tell Me Something Good Tee, Caycee in our Hello Sunshine Tee, and Kelsey in the What Would Dolly Do Tee

Liz, who’s also the co-founder of Cannonborough Collective (where you can find these photogenic balloons), organized and styled this shoot, and we sat down with her to chat easy summer pieces and keeping cool in the Holy City.

Tell us about this shoot. 

We all kept our ensembles pretty basic so we could highlight the cuteness of the shirts and the amazing backdrop of Rainbow Row. To add some fun to the shoot, we used DJ balloons from my new shop, Cannonborough Collective, because it’s really hard not to smile when you see balloons!

A couple of people stopped us to ask if we were DJ’s–ha!–but lots of passersby were Draper James fans. A few people yelled from their horse and buggy that they love Draper James!

Why did you choose this particular location? 

Whether you’re a local or tourist, Rainbow Row really never gets old! These old homes on East Bay Street are so lovely and picturesque; it’s the perfect place to show off our Charleston Charm.

Draper James tshirt

Kelsey says, “There’s no better motto than what would Dolly do, so that’s why I couldn’t pass up on this WWDD tee! Sticking with that motto, I paired a jean skirt to complete the look!”

Do you have any tips on styling Draper James graphic t-shirts?

Draper James tshirt

Pictured here: Hello Sunshine Tee

A t-shirt can easily be transformed into an outfit with the right accessories. Neck scarves and statement earrings are my current favorite items to spruce up basic tees so you can keep it comfy and cute at the same time.

It get so hot in the South during the summer! Any tips on staying cool and dressing comfortably?

I have two secret weapons I try keep in my purse: fans and neck scarves/pocket squares.  Having a fan on hand helps make the outdoors manageable!  You can also keep it classy while you dab your sweat with a men’s hankie. I love them because they work great as neck scarves or headbands, too.

Draper James tshirt

“I’m all about comfort. Not going to lie, I pretty much wear these cutoffs with almost every top during the summer months. Toss on a pair of sandals and I’m good to go,” Ashley told Draper James while wearing the Tell Me Something Good Tee and carrying the Dunaway Vines Large Cheekwood Tote.

Draper James tshirt

“I never met a tassel I didn’t like! A statement earring and a fun top are all it takes to create an effortless outfit that will make others smile. Graphic tees like this are my favorite because you can pair them with denim or girly skirts and get multiple wears out of them,” explains Liz.

Stay cool (and stylish), y’all!

Photos: jennifercollinsphotography.com