March 9, 2020 • #GirlBoss, Georgia On My Mind

5 Tips for Starting Your Own Business, from our Spring 2020 Cast

Happy Women’s History Month! March has always been an important month for us — along with International Women’s Day and Reese’s birthday, this month is a time for us to celebrate all the amazing women in our lives.

The cast members of our Spring 2020 campaign are five women we greatly admire for their kindness, hard work, and beauty — from the inside out. Bryce, Kelly, Caroline, Taryn, and Maryam are all entrepreneurs and small business owners, building their careers in hospitality, travel, and fashion. Below, these impressive women share their number one tip for starting a business.

Bryce Brock, founder of The Park and The Vine

“One of the best pieces of advices I can give is the ability to pivot. When something is not working, change it.”

Kelly Revels, founder of The Park and The Vine

“One thing I learned starting The Park and The Vine is that it’s so much better to work with partner. I’m so glad that I have Bryce to be my backup and my support.”

Caroline Bramlett, founder of LCB Style

“One of the biggest things I’ve learned while running my own business is the power and importance of connecting with others. One of my favorite ways I’ve done that is through attending conferences; one of my favorites is the Southern C Summit. I also love connecting with others through Instagram.”

Taryn Newton, founder of Glamorous Versatility

“I’ve learned so much from my own business, but my number one tip is this: Stay on brand, and be consistent.”

Maryam Ishtiaq, founder of Thread & So

“When you’re first starting out, remember you are an army of one; take pride in that, and run with it. When you grow, the whole village will follow and you’ll have your own team. So take in pride in what you can do, and don’t sell yourself short.”