September 7, 2017 • STYLE SCHOOL

Style School: Jetting Jewels on Transitional Dressing and Finding the Perfect Jeans

We love September because it means fall is almost here.

But we also don’t love September because it means summer’s over, AND it’s tough to figure out what to wear.

It doesn’t feel appropriate to wear a sun dress, but there’s no way you’re about to put on a sweater.

That being said, Lydia Webb of the blog Jetting Jewels is here to help us figure out exactly what to wear during this transitional weather (and she even gave us her tips on styling fleurette pieces and finding the perfect jeans).

Pictured here: Fleurette Lace Top + Draper James Denim

What drew you to this look, and how did you choose to style it?

I appreciate a look that is casual, comfortable but also with a girly-girl element. And this look is just that! The jeans are an everyday staple but the Fleurette Lace Top is super feminine and sweet.

To style a look like this, I always start with the bolder piece, and in this case, it’s the top, then add a piece that I’d want to live in every day, like denim.  Everything else, I keep simple and basic.

For a dressier look, I would swap the jeans for a cute skirt!

Pictured here: Fleurette Lace Top + Draper James Denim

Fall won’t arrive for a while, but we’re ready for “fall clothes.” Could you give us your tips on transitional dressing?

To start the fall transition, I usually add deeper tones to my looks.

Swap summer neutrals for camo or utility greens and add light layers like cardigans or vests.

Pictured here: Fleurette Lace Top + Draper James Denim

What made you decide to start a blog?

I always had an interest in blogging.  Blogs were my go-to when planning my wedding, home décor, and definitely when planning to have a baby.

So when I was pregnant with my son, Jaxson, I started a blog to document the journey as a way to remember the experience, but also motivation to get out of sweat pants every day and explore a style that worked well for my changing shape. And it really just became something from there!

Pictured here: Fleurette Lace Top + Draper James Denim

Do you have any advice for women styling fleurette pieces? Is there anything you should avoid pairing with these pieces?

My rule for dressing a piece with a lot of texture and personality is to keep the pairings simple.

Keep the fleurette piece the center of attention.  Whether it’s a pair of pants, shorts, skirts or jeans, choose something that will complement but not overpower.

I would usually avoid pairing with something that has just as much texture and add something form-fitting for a more flattering effect.

Pictured here: Fleurette Lace Top + Draper James Denim

How have you always found the perfect pair of jeans? Any secret to finding ones that fit you perfectly? 

For me, the key to finding a good pair of jeans is a good tailor.

I am just under 5’5″ and will almost always need to get jeans hemmed.  So when I find jeans that are ankle length, like these Draper James jeans, it feels like I hit the jackpot!

The other thing I try to always look for in jeans is a bit of stretch.  I enjoy being comfortable, and #momlife requires a lot of running, bending down, sitting, and moving in ways you never expect.

Pictured here: Fleurette Lace Top + Draper James Denim