June 3, 2017 • STYLE, STYLE SCHOOL

Style School: Teggy French Shows Us How to Wear a Cherry Print

You know those things that sound intimidating at first, but once you learn them, they’re as easy as pie?

Like… baking biscuits from scratch or learning how to make proper sweet tea (like the kind you’ll find in every Draper James store)?

Wearing a cherry print is one of those things, too.

But it shouldn’t be, and Teggy French is here to show you just how fun, easy-to-wear, and stylish a cherry print can be.

Alex Weichert, known on Instagram as Teggy French, might not be from the South, but she’s a cheerleader for wearing bright colors and having fun with fashion, and that’s exactly what we’re about here at Draper James.

Clearly, it was a no-brainer to ask her to style the Cherry Orchard Love Circle Dress from our summer collection.

how to wear a cherry print

“I have always been obsessed with fashion (like, obsessed might actually be an understatement). When one of my friends said, ‘You should start a blog,’ I thought to myself… ‘I should start a blog!’ Two days later, I launched Teggy French.”

How would you describe your style?

I always describe my style as “preppy with a twist.” The twist usually involves something retro.

What drew you to the Draper James cherry print?

I was drawn to the Draper James cherry print because it made me think of summer in the South!

how to wear cherry print

The classic Love Circle dress is one of our best-selling silhouettes.

What would you say is the most important rule when it comes to styling a print, like the cherries?

When styling a print, such as the cherries, remember to tone down the rest of your look with solid colors. Allow the print to be the star of the show, and everything else to follow as the simple backdrop.

Where would you wear this dress this summer?

I always love to imagine the perfect setting for the clothes I love, and this dress had me dreaming of rocking on a porch swing on a wraparound porch while sipping sweet tea and listening to blue birds chirp.

how to wear a cherry print

While Alex’s adorable cherry bag isn’t Draper James, we do have a Cherry Tall Tote y’all will love.

What are your favorite things to do in the summer?

My favorite summer activities include spending lots of time at our beach cottage “down the shore” (that’s what we call going to the beach in New Jersey) where we enjoy riding bikes, playing tennis, going on boat rides, bbq’ing with our family and friends, and, of course, eating lots of ice cream.

Are there any other prints/patterns you like to add to your wardrobe?

As long as they are in bright, fun colors, I love any and all prints, especially ones that involve a palm frond.

how to wear a cherry print

You can’t go through the summer without your favorite pair of sunnies.

What is the one summer staple (clothing wise) you can’t live without? 

My one summer staple that I can’t live without is a turban! They take any outfit to a whole new level of chic.

Shop her look here.