August 8, 2016 • CULTURE, PLACES

DJ on the Road: Urban Cowboy in Nashville

When it comes to summer vacation, we suggest you head South. Our towns are teeming with history, yet remain hip to the present; we’ve got nature, beaches, museums, music. . . And it’s easy to beat the heat with a tall glass of sweet tea and a dip in the pool.

See for yourself by joining us on our virtual tour of some of the region’s one-of-a-kind hotels. Today, we hit up Urban Cowboy B&B, a Western-style boutique hotel in our hometown of Nashville with a sister location in Brooklyn.


Urban Cowboy B&B in Nashville (images courtesy of Urban Cowboy)


Here, owner Lyon Porter tells us what’s up:

What makes Nashville the perfect summer vacation spot?

While you still can do everything fun in the city (bars, honky-tonks, etc.), Tennessee is a natural paradise in the summer. You can pontoon on the lake, go to a waterfall, or just hang on our porch and watch the sunset with a drink.

Your must-visit. . . Restaurant?
Husk. Just go and you will find out!

I love the bartender (Brice Hoffman) at Rolf & Daughters. He makes an amazing concoction he calls Penicillin!

Hail Dark Aesthetics. They have some really wild stuff.

Spot for some local culture?
Roberts Western.

Place only a local would know?
Mas Tacos.

If we’re spending an afternoon or evening “in” at your hotel, what should we do?
Just hang—have a few drinks, meet other people, listen to some music. Then go take a bath in your room before you go to bed. (There is a bath in every room.) Also, we are planning on opening a bar in our back house in the next few months. Keep an eye out.