May 25, 2016 • STYLE, STYLE SCHOOL

Style School: Lemon Stripes is Sweet (Not Sour) in Our Kiawah Caftan


Blogger Julia Dzafic of Lemon Stripes in our Kiawah Caftan in the Lemon Orchard print at the Eau Palm Beach Hotel. Paired with flat sandals, shades, and a wide-brimmed sun hat, “it’s the perfect pool look,” she says.

As if you couldn’t tell from our recent spread in O magazine, we are currently coveting everything lemon—from lemon bars to lemon tabletop pieces to lemon-printed apparel.

Turns out that apparently (and perhaps not surprisingly) so is Julia Dzafic, whose ultra-popular lifestyle blog carries the serendipitous name Lemon Stripes. The longtime lemon lover incorporates the citrus-y fruit into quite a bit of her daily routine: “I wake up every morning with a hot lemon water. I infuse a pitcher of water every day with lemons and strawberries, and I think 90 percent of my recipes have some sort of lemon aspect,” she says. “I love the flavor, the bright yellow, and how happy they make me!”

When Julia spotted our Kiawah Caften in our Lemon Orchard print, she had to have it. On a recent trip to Palm Beach with her husband, she styled the caftan over a swimsuit with flat sandals, shades, and a sun hat. “What I love about this cover-up is that I didn’t have to do much to punch it up,” she says. “It’s loose and comfortable, while also looking incredibly chic and fun.”