October 31, 2015 • DJ AT HOME

A (Candy) Corn-y Joke

Q: What’s It Called When a viking, Captain America, and Elvis hang out on the porch?

A: Halloween, of course!

(OK, so our jokes may need a little work, but—if we do say so ourselves—our costumes most certainly do not.)


“I love Halloween,” says Reese. “One of the perks of my job as an actress is I get to wear incredible costumes on movies and TV shows, so I keep all of them in a box in my basement and I let my kids and friends borrow from them. They range from a bumblebee to a chicken to a mermaid. I love a good wig and some face paint, too!”


Here, our very own viking and her sidekick, Captain America, get ready to hit the spooked-out streets.


Hank Williams—as Elvis, of course—gets prepped to greet the neighborhood children. He’ll be more than happy to exchange some tricks for some treats.