July 20, 2018 • #GirlBoss

Lauren Hopkins’s 5 PR Tips for Promoting Your Blog or Business

When it comes to PR in the South, Lauren Hopkins just about knows it all.

Lauren is a Georgia girl “through and through,” and currently resides on St. Simons Island with her husband, Lee, and their two children.

You may have heard of her PR firm, LBH & Co., which she founded in order to help “champion small brands and businesses with big stories.” With Lauren at the helm, the company represents clients such as Vera Stewart, Sweet Caroline Designs, and Cristin Cooper—all of whom have made appearances on the Love, Reese blog.

We recently chatted with Lauren about something she’s well versed in: how to promote your blog or small business in today’s digital world.

Get her five helpful tips below, and shop her Draper James Bell Sleeve Shift Dress here.

1. Dress the part.

You know the saying “dress for the job you want, not the job you have?” This is one of our favorite sayings at LBH & Co. If you listen to our conversations with clients, you’ll hear this said frequently. While actually dressing well is important (hello, adorable Draper James dresses!), what we mean is to always put your best foot forward in the virtual world.

Your website and social platforms are your calling card so make them shine. If your photography isn’t up to par or your Instagram feed is lackluster, change it. Put in the time to make them beautiful just like you put in the time dressing yourself for an event.

2. Remember who you are.

Anyone else grow up hearing this phrase a lot? Well, it still rings true. When you begin setting goals for who you want to work and collaborate with, remember who YOU are.

Choose likeminded outlets, brands, and influencers you are passionate about. If you wouldn’t want to share a cup of coffee with someone you’re pitching about a partnership, then it’s likely not a fit.

3. Put in the time.

Not everyone can hire a PR firm. And guess what? You don’t always need one! I’m the first one to encourage creatives to manage their own public relations.

The easiest way to make that happen is to be deliberate about your efforts. Commit two hours per week to promoting yourself by sending email pitches to brands, influencers, or people you want to collaborate and work with. The dedicated time you spend making connections will pay off.

 4. Be a social butterfly.

Southerners understand the art of a meaningful conversation—engaging with others in a way that makes them feel valued, heard, and appreciated. Picture your social space as a virtual cocktail party, front porch, or book club. Make a daily appointment on your calendar to consciously walk into the party and nurture relationships. Respond to those who comment on your feed, engage with like-minded accounts, and share thoughtful content.

The social space is an incredibly powerful tool if used as such. Being a visible presence on the platform will help you become more discoverable.

5. Network, network, network.

As valuable as social media is, I also believe firmly in the importance of old school networking. This means finding a blogger or entrepreneur group that meets in your area. Then—GO. Introduce yourself and make friends. You’ll be amazed at how much you’ll glean from stepping away from screen time and investing in face time.

Another wonderful way to network is through conferences. There are hundreds of them out there—for bloggers, for brands, for creatives, for marketers, etc. You name it—there’s a conference for the topic. My personal favorite event, and one that I’ve attended year after year, is The Southern C Summit, which gathers a community of passionate business owners, makers and doers for an opportunity to connect, collaborate, and create. It’s a wonderful way to grow yourself and your business through tried and true networking.

Photos by Kelli Boyd Photography