September 21, 2016 • RECIPE

DJ Drinks: Recipe for “Lost Thyme” Bourbon Cocktail

What better way celebrate to September as National Bourbon Heritage Month than with a cocktail? (Really, it’s the only way.) The folks at Down One, a bourbon-focused bar and restaurant serving over 170 bourbon selections in the heart of Louisville’s Urban Bourbon Trail, shared this signature recipe with us.

Created for the restaurant by award-winning mixologist Beth Burrows, the Lost Thyme is the perfect drink for a crisp fall day. It will appeal to bourbon connoisseurs and newbies alike, and goes beautifully with baked fish, shrimp, or a pesto chicken.


The Lost Thyme, shown in a glass with a melted wax bottom in the tradition of Maker’s Mark.

Recipe for Lost Thyme
2 oz. Maker’s Mark (or similar)
1 oz. Domaine de Canton
2 sprigs of thyme
Gosling’s Ginger Beer
6 drops lavender bitters
2 sprigs of thyme

Add the first five ingredients into a shaker over ice, shake, and strain into a glass over ice. Top with 2 sprigs of thyme.