May 5, 2015 • PEOPLE

Please Meet: Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon

Reese created Draper James to be more than a place to buy pretty, stylish clothing, accessories, and home décor; she also wanted it to be a destination for getting to know many of the diverse and talented people doing creative things in the South.

Every month we will introduce you to Southern artists, writers, musicians, storeowners, chefs, and more through their answers to our Draper James Seven—seven questions that define a Southern style maker.

We’re kicking off the series by asking Reese the questions—after all, she’s a Southerner, so she likes to share!

1. What is your favorite Southern city?
Nashville or New Orleans.

2. Favorite Southern restaurant?
Husk in Nashville or The Optimist in Atlanta.

3. Favorite Southern tradition?
Dressing up for church.

4. Sweet tea or unsweetened? 
Sweet, of course!

5. Cowboy boots or heels?
Cowboy boots.

6. How do you describe Southern style?
Women in the South love to dress up. They love color and prints and generally love to look put together. Depending on the occasion, several days of thought can go into one outfit!

The South is a very lively, stylish place. There is always a backyard party, a luncheon, or a family celebration that calls for getting dressed up!

Southern girls also love treasured family heirlooms. For instance, my mother gave me her own pearl earrings and I cherish them. There is no replacement for something that reminds you of your upbringing. I also use my grandmother’s china everyday.

7. Describe your style.

My own personal style is pretty eclectic.

When I’m running around chasing the kids, I love to wear a great pair of jeans with short cowboy boots and a plaid shirt.

For meetings, I like to dress up a little—a skirt with a colorful blouse and heels seem to be my go-to outfit. And of course, a great purse is important for feeling put together.

At night, I love a party dress. I usually accessorize with a pair of sandals (always a pair I can dance in!) and a simple clutch. I love a big pair of statement earrings to add the perfect punctuation to a great outfit.

I love clothes with color and happy prints because you only get one life, so you might as well make it pretty!