September 27, 2017 • Behind The Scenes, Reese Witherspoon Style

Reese Chats “Sweet Home Alabama,” 15 Years Later, And Her Favorite Line

Y’all… it’s been 15 years, to the day, since “Sweet Home Alabama” first hit the big screen.

How crazy is that?

It seems like just yesterday we were all watching Melanie Smooter introduce Andrew Hennings to her hometown in Alabama while simultaneously falling back in love with her childhood best friend, Jake Perry.

And sure, Melanie’s life is fictional, but it isn’t hard to see how her Southern roots influenced both her personality and her style, just like our founder, Reese Witherspoon.

So in honor of the 15-year anniversary, we sat down with Reese to discuss her time on the set of “Sweet Home Alabama” and how it helped inspire Draper James. She even revealed her favorite line from the movie.

(Before you continue reading, can you guess which line it is? Don’t cheat…)

Did “Sweet Home Alabama” play a role in inspiring you to start Draper James?

Reese: Being in “Sweet Home Alabama” was a huge turning point in my life. It was when the world realized that I was a Southern girl through and through, and that I was proud of where I came from.

To this day, whenever I walk into a bar someone puts “Sweet Home Alabama” on the stereo. It always makes me feel right at home!

What’s your favorite memory from your time on set?

Reese: I loved shooting in rural Georgia… the people and the food brought me right back to my Southern roots.

What’s your favorite line from “Sweet Home Alabama”?

Reese: My favorite line is,”You have a baby… in a bar!

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