Style School: Seersucker + Saddles Styles Our Sarabeth Dress

Seersucker is at the heart of Southern summer fashion. Just ask Beth Parker, whose blog, Seersucker + Saddles, is dedicated to a personal style she credits to Southern roots that run from colorful, beachy Jupiter, FL, to the horse country of Lexington, KY.

“Seersucker takes me back to my childhood,” she says. “It’s a fabric we wore quite often when I was growing up in South Florida, so to see it still going strong years later only confirms what we already know: It’s a classic!”

See how Beth styles our new classic: the Sarabeth Seersucker Panel Dress, a triple threat of seersucker featuring three shades of blue topped off with navy grosgrain trim.


Blogger Beth Parker of Seersucker + Saddles styles our Sarabeth Seersucker Panel Dress with shades, a saddle bag, and sneakers.

It’s a little corny, but we couldn’t resist. Our new Sarabeth Seersucker Panel Dress worn by Seersucker + Saddles! What is it about seersucker, summer, and the American South? 

Easter, polo, horse racing, barbecues, weddings—this fabric is a tried-and-true winner at a host of Southern events.  And it keeps you cool—which if you’ve ever been in the South in July, you know is essential.

What drew you to this dress?

Blue is hands down my favorite color. So to see this multi-hued seersucker frock—I immediately fell in love.  And, bonus: there are pockets. And you can pair her with sneaks, so it was a win/win in every way.

Where would you wear this look?

Any outdoor summer event. Think: festivals, fairs, etc.. A baby shower would be perfect, especially if for a boy. Lunching with your gal pals. Running errands. There are limitless options!

What other fabrics or silhouettes would you say are uniquely Southern?

Gingham, stripes, and eyelet.  All Southern, all day.

You relocated from Lexington, KY to Indianapolis, IN this spring. What Southern style elements do you refuse to let go of?

While I’m definitely digging the Midwestern scene, there is something just so vibrant, colorful, and feminine about fashion in the South.  I sported a bubblegum pink jumpsuit the other night and definitely stuck out like a sore thumb—but in a very fun, Southern-filled way.

Favorite ‘Southernism’?

How can you be southern and not love ‘y’all’?  I use it on the regular, even still in Indy, and it definitely causes people to ask, “You aren’t from here are you?”

Three of your most popular recent posts?

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