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Reese (in our Fontaine Fairisle Sweater, Lucinda Long Peacoat, and Leopard Lady Satchel) with her mom, Betty.

In the midst of all the cooking, packing, traveling, and Black Friday list-making, it’s important to remember that Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks.

We put a call out to the Draper James team to find out what everyone is thankful for this year. Perhaps not surprisingly, food and family figure heavily into the mix.


“My health and the health of my children and family. I am so blessed to have a wonderful mother I can call for advice any time.” — Reese

“NOLA, where I recently visited. It introduced me to the great world of chargrilled oysters and po’ boy sandwiches. How did I ever live without them?” — Eva, Print/Pattern Designer

“Wine! Because it makes cooking for a crowd a lot more fun, and most importantly, it makes all my guests a lot more forgiving if the turkey is a little over-done!” — Heather, Director of Design Development

“Reality TV. It’s a nice little escape from my own reality for a bit!” — Amanda, Director of Operations

“My wonderful husband, who I can handily beat in a game of golf.”  — Katherine, Director of Ecommerce

“My two boys and their dimples! They make me giggle at the end of a long hard day.” — Katie, Store Manager

“My aunts! Even though I’m ‘hosting’ dinner on Thanksgiving, they’ll bring almost all the side dishes.” — Kristin, Digital Marketing Consultant

“The chance to escape the city and spend the holiday with family in the Sunshine State!” — Lisa, Marketing Coordinator

“Marshmallows! I put one in my brown sugar, so it never gets hard. Makes my holiday baking a whole lot easier!” — Elizabeth, Brand Editor-in-Chief

“My Granny’s pecan pie. We call it the cavity finder, but it’s worth every bite!” — Sarah, Lead Merchant

“Being a holiday misfit with friends and strangers, celebrating our modern families built in these new places we call home under an unspoken comraderie serving impromptu potlucks and alcohol that blossoms traditions no one ever remembers the end of. . . ” — Chris, Assistant Designer

“The chance to visit my family in Virginia (and nab some good Southern cooking!) this Thanksgiving. And laughter—nothing soothes a rough day better than a good belly laugh (and maybe a glass of wine).” — Nolan, Ecommerce Associate

“My adorable twin nieces, because more is always more, especially with them! For the new taco emoji because it has made my dinner plans much easier. For my mom—for about a million reasons, but especially because she is the ultimate hostess and always goes out of her way to make everyone feel at home. And for our Draper James Hester & Cook collaboration because now my Thanksgiving table is going to look better than ever!” — Lindsay, Associate Merchant

“My amazing sister and brother-in-law for hosting Thanksgiving and making my late grandmother’s cheese and chive bread recipe!” — Dani, Technical Design Consultant

“Celebrating Thanksgiving in Charleston this year, so I can walk off Thanksgiving dinner on the beach!” — Rachel, Customer Care Specialist

“The fact that my family looks forward to my legendary bourbon pecan pie every Thanksgiving.” — Laura, Ready-to-Wear Designer

“My unbelievable parents Bob and Magda, who will be celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary on Sunday, the 29th!” — Katie, Social Media Consultant

“Having my son return from college, so I can be with both of my children to celebrate Thanksgiving.” — Donna, Production Lead

“My family’s patience, as I attempt to actually cook (as opposed to order!) my first Thanksgiving dinner ever.” — Meredith, Blog Editor

Welcome to the Draper James blog. My little slice of space to share the things I love most about life: people, parties, food, and fun!  It’s everything Draper James  stands for. and I hope you like it. 

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