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The South is full of countless cities we’ll always love: Nashville, Dallas, Lexington, Atlanta… the list goes on and on.

Memphis, Tennessee is another one of those cities, and when we wanted to add a Memphis city guide to the Love, Reese blog, we figured a local would be the perfect person to show us around.

Enter, Collins Tuohy Smith.

“Memphis is full of wonderful places, so to narrow it down to five is really tough,” says Collins.

She continued, “There are tons of obvious ones like Graceland or the Zoo (we have a top 5 zoo in the country), but I think for the sake of anyone being able to Google all those places and find them on some list, I am going to go really local.”

So sit back, relax, and read all about Collins Tuohy Smith’s 5 favorite places in Memphis, Tennessee.

1. Mexican is one of my favorites when it comes to food groups. There is a local spot called Las Delicias that has the best guac and margs you have ever had in your life. They have several locations now, and each one of them delivers the same quality food!

2. Shelby Farms Park for anything outdoors. I specifically love taking my pups out there and letting them roam the dog park. There are over 100 acres of off-leash fun, including lakes and trails.

3. If you are looking for something fancy when it comes to a mani/pedi, I love the Nail Bar. Every inch was designed for those precious Instagrammable moments, and their service is wonderful.

4. The FedEx Forum during a Grizzlies playoff game. If you are lucky enough to snag a ticket during a season when the Grizzlies make the playoffs its a do-not-miss opportunity.

The atmosphere at the “Grind House” (a locals only name for the FedEx Forum) is electric, and you really get a sense of what our city is really all about: Grit and Grind!

5. Ok, here comes the selfish plug… WHIMSY! Whimsy is my bakery, and we have a brick and mortar in Memphis.

Our pink cottage is definitely a favorite of mine when you are looking for something sweet to eat in Memphis. Make sure you try our “Gooey Cookies” along with our signature sugar cookie when you come!!

Want more Memphis? Keep reading to hear more about this amazing Southern city from Collins…

How would you describe the style in Memphis?

Memphis has a little bit of everything.

I would say it’s the most awesome blend of styles. No matter if it leans toward urban or boho, you can always feel that Southern twist being added to any outfit.

If someone were to visit Memphis for the first time, what would be the one thing you’d want them to know?

Memphis is full of charm and true Southern hospitality. You don’t have to look far for amazing food, or entertainment. It offers unique experiences that will provide memories to last you for a lifetime.

If you could describe Memphis as a whole in one word, what would it be?

Real! We are a city full of people who are as real as it gets!

It’s sort of a take it or leave it kind of place. Memphis isn’t striving to be like any other city other than Memphis, and for that I will always say I am proud to be a Memphian!



Photo credit: Mary Kate Steele Photography

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