October 26, 2017 • STYLE SCHOOL

Style School: Carrie Colbert Found the Perfect Dress for Fall

We could talk to you forever about the tough transition from a summer to a winter wardrobe.

You step out without a jacket, and you’re a little chilly. You add a vest to your look, and you’re immediately overheated.

It can be pretty tough.

That’s the reason (well, one of the many) we love to wear dresses in the fall.

When you find the perfect fall dress, like Carrie Colbert of Wear + Where + Well, who styled our Buttercup Bloom Maggie Dress, you’ll never be too hot, too cold, and certainly never under-dressed.

What drew you to this dress?
What’s not to love about it? Fabulous fall florals, lovely ladylike lace, and perfectly positioned pockets!

Tell us how you chose to style this dress.
With so many beautiful elements already present in the dress, I chose to keep my accessories relatively tame — neutral and complementary.

Where would you wear this dress this fall?
I have a charity luncheon coming up this month for which this will be perfect!

How would you style this dress to transition it for cooler temperatures?
Well, in Houston we are still experiencing unseasonably warm temperatures. But when it does cool off, I look forward to pairing this with some over the knee boots in a beautifully cool shade of gray, along with a cozy cardigan.

Do you have anything exciting going on this fall?
Indeed! Two primary things come to mind.

First, I have a sweet newborn baby girl. She is 4 months old this week. And I am thrilled about experiencing fall and the holidays through her eyes!

Secondly, business wise, we are undergoing a massive site redesign and rebranding that we are working on feverishly. We are thrilled about the launch in early November!

What colors/textures are you most looking forward to wearing this fall?
I am certainly a color lover, and this season’s trending palette is unusually, thankfully, vibrant! Beautiful blues (like this dress!) and blush pink are some of the shades I’m drawn to right now.

What advice would you give to someone intimidated by wearing a bright print, like this one, this season?
Just go for it! Be bold with your fashion choices. In this case, let a dress like this shine, as it should, by keeping everything else simple.

Photo credit: Traci Ling