April 1, 2017 • Playlist

Leon Bridges’ Exclusive Draper James Playlist Inspired by “Big Little Lies”

Music plays a starring role in “Big Little Lies,” the HBO miniseries starring Reese, Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley, Laura Dern, and Zoe Kravitz. It serves to intensify the dark comedic drama in the story and to enhance each character’s journey and emotions. The song “River,” by Texas native Leon Bridges, is among the hit songs on the series’ excellent soundtrack.

Here, Leon shares a playlist he put together that’s inspired by the hit series.

“I’ll Never Leave You Lonely” by Roy C – “A great classic R&B love song. Roy C is one of my favorite artists from the 60s.”

“Sweet Thang” by Van Morrison – “The phrasing and the lyrics really stick out in this song. Van Morrison has a very unique style.”

“Reckless Child” by Wesley Geiger – “Wesley Geiger is one of my good friends from Dallas. He is one of my biggest inspirations and I love his take on the Americana and country vibe.”

“Waitin Around To Die” by Townes Van Zandt – “A song about experiencing life with bad circumstances. Townes is a Texas legend.”

“What’s On Your Mind” by The Greyhounds – “These cats deserve more recognition for their talent. They’re of my favorite soul bands from Texas.”

“Meeting In My Bedroom” by Silk – “Perfect love makin’ song. One of my favorite R&B songs from the 90s.”

“Poison” by Brent Faiyaz – “Brent has a refreshing approach to R&B. A lot of current R&B today leans more in the direction of trap beats and a sing/rap style. Brent’s style is reminiscent of R&B of the 90s.”

“Long Ways” by Solo Woods – “Solo is one of my favorite artists currently. This song is a great blend of folk and soul.”

“River” by Leon Bridges