January 18, 2017 • PEOPLE, SOUTHERNISMS

The Seven Best Dolly Parton Quotes

Whenever we’ve got a problem, we ask ourselves one simple question: What Would Dolly Do? (In fact, we ask it so often, we’ve printed the question on bestselling t-shirts, totes, and cocktail napkins.)

After all, the Queen of Country Music—who is celebrating her birthday tomorrow—isn’t just talented, beautiful, and generous; she’s also imminently quotable. Dolly Parton’s one-liners run the gamut from self-deprecating quips to inspirational gems to profound philosophies. No matter her physique (and she’s got a few great one-liners on that topic), Dolly Parton is the real deal—and we love and honor her for it. No wonder her appeal spans generations.

In honor of Dolly’s special day, we’ve put together seven of our favorite Dolly Parton quotes—one for every day of the week!

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To one of the wisest women we know: Happy birthday, Dolly!

Dolly Parton’s Seven Best Quotes

1. Dolly Parton on setting your own course: Dolly Parton quotes about wind and sails

2. Dolly Parton on determination: Dolly Parton quotes about road you're walking

3. Dolly Parton on the whole package: Dolly Parton quotes about rainbow and rain

4. Dolly Parton on the fundamentals:Dolly Parton quotes about joy, happiness and love

5. Dolly Parton on the intersection of self-confidence and style: Dolly Parton quotes about high heels

6. Dolly Parton on beauty: Dolly Parton quotes about feeling glamorous

7. Dolly Parton on work: Dolly Parton quotes about living a life

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