November 29, 2016 • FOOD, HOLIDAYS, PEOPLE

DJ Dines: Cannon Green in Charleston, SC

If you’re looking for the quintessential Southern gathering, book a table—or even a room—at Cannon Green. Located inside of a historic Charleston single house and trolley warehouse, the restaurant and event space boasts airy and verdant rooms and outdoor areas, classic architectural and landscaping, and an inspired menu driven by local and seasonal ingredients.

Rising star chef Amalia Scatena leads the kitchen team, and has been at the forefront of developing Cannon Green’s relationships with the Lowcountry purveyors whose bounty makes up the menu. She prepared this Arugula Salad with Roasted Pumpkin and Pickled Cranberries for us and recommends it as the perfect starter for your holiday feast. Click here to see the recipe and read on for more from chef Amalia.


Wearing our Draper James Flurry Dot Top and Tootsie Jean, Chef Amalia Scatena of Cannon Green in Charleston starts off a holiday meal by serving her Arugula Salad with Roasted Pumpkins and Pickled Cranberries. (Find the recipe here.) Our Draper James Melamine Wreath Plate Set, Wreath Napkin Set, and Deck the Halls Cocktail Napkins make the table extra festive. (All images by Jonathan Boncek.)

Tell us about this recipe you shared.

I was inspired by the vibrant colors in the Draper James holiday tabletop collection and wanted to incorporate those as well as bright flavors. Everyone loves rich squash and tart cranberries on their holiday table, so I lightened it up and created a salad with those classic ingredients.

How does the salad fit into a holiday menu?

This is a great starter dish for a holiday dinner party. As a main, I would serve some kind of roasted meat—turkey or lamb—along with a creamy potato and maybe some Brussels sprouts. The salad could also serve as a main dish if you added leftover turkey.


Tell us about the Draper James clothing you wore. What drew you to the Flurry Dot Top and Tootsie Jean?

I liked the subtle snowflake print on the blouse; it’s fun for the holidays, but could be worn throughout the winter, too. The jeans fit great, too. I’m normally wearing a chef’s coat, so it’s fun to get dressed up!

You used the Draper James Melamine Wreath Plate Set, Wreath Napkin Set, and Deck the Halls Cocktail Napkins on your table. How did you incorporate them?

I worked with Anne Bowen, Cannon Green’s co-owner and an extremely talented florist, to dress up the tabletop pieces with fresh flowers tied around the napkins. [Editors’ note: Look for our upcoming Q&A with Anne Bowen!] We used our nice white salad plates for a pop of brightness. I loved all of the green elements on the table and the plate; the green really made the squash and cranberries pop.

Tell us about the holidays at Cannon Green?

Anne and the team go all out during the holidays. They quite literally deck the halls with huge gorgeous floral arrangements and lots of fresh garland. We have a long table on the second floor where we host family-style meals for larger parties and it’s perfect for celebrating the season with friends, family, and colleagues. On the menu, we show off lots of seasonal ingredients like squash, spiced nuts, and decadent desserts.

Your holiday plans?

I’m traveling back to California for the holidays to spend time with my family. My brother, Bill (who is a chef at Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards) and I split the cooking duties and make all of our favorite family recipes, including oyster stuffing.

Favorite thing about Charleston during the holidays?

The lights on our Palmetto trees!

Click here to see the recipe for Arugula Salad with Roasted Pumpkin and Pickled Cranberries.

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