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We may have our differences when it comes to our political views, but here’s one thing we can all agree on: when Election Day comes along on November 8th, it’s everyone’s responsibility to get out there and vote. Modeled after our bestselling Totes Y’all tote, our new Vote Y’all tote conveys that message stylishly. In cool printed canvas with plenty of room to pack all the essentials, it will let you show off your passion for fashion and the democratic process all at once.

Here to show us how to rock the vote (y’all) is Rebecca Trosset. A digital marketing expert at The Washington Post by day, this rising Insta-star is due with her first baby any minute now. She couldn’t be cuter in these totally patriotic pics.


“What I love most about the Vote Y’all Tote is the adorable design with great messaging,” says DC social media star Rebecca Trosset, who is due with her first baby any day now. “I love something that is visually appealing and can really be worn with anything! With the upcoming election, it’s the perfect fall bag to wear on my work commute, to the farmers market, or out to brunch with friends!”

You live in DC, but you’ve got some “Southern” in you—including your husband!

Yes! I actually grew up in New York, but I’ve always had a love for the South—the culture, the Southern belles, the food, the football games. So it was no surprise that my husband ended up being someone who was born and raised in the South! We lived together in his home state of Florida for six years. It’s fitting to me that we now live in DC; it’s the perfect mix for us!

What do you think is unique about the DC fashion scene—the good and the bad?

What I find unique about the DC fashion scene is really the wide array of fashion you can see walking down the street. From nine-to-five chic, to weekend preppy, to nightlife glam, there is no one set of rules. I think right now the only challenging part of the DC fashion scene can be in the workplace. In this very traditional town, not everyone is ready to accept casual Fridays. Being appropriate at work should always be a top priority, but I am not sure wearing pantyhose should be a measurement of appropriateness anymore!


What’s unique about being in DC during election season?

It’s an exciting time. It’s fascinating to hear the opinions of those who we know have the inside scoop as to how the nation works.

You are expecting a new baby any day now. Congrats! Favorite DC traditions you hope to pass on to her?

We are officially on baby watch 2016!  John and I already have a list of our favorite traditions we want to share with our daughter once she arrives. One of them is The Washington Ballet’s production of The Nutcracker!  This past December after the show, we purchased the book in hopes to share it with our children one day. Little did we know she would be here before Christmas this year.









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