April 27, 2016 • DJ AT HOME, FOOD, PARTIES

Mother’s Day Tea Party Menu

“More is more when it comes to a tea party,” says Katie Jacobs, who hosted an impeccable Mother’s Day tea party to honor four generations of women in her family—all of whom dressed in Draper James for the affair. The vision was all Katie’s, but she called on some friends for the food. Namely, the folks at The Puffy Muffin, a Nashville bakery and cafe specializing in homemade sweets and treats that Katie piled high onto cake stands and vintage serving pieces passed down from her grandmother.

The menu, pictured below, deliciously combines tea party classics like cucumber sandwiches, with Southern favorites (cheese wafers and pimento cheese sandwiches!) and on-trend delicacies like macarons.






By Katie Jacobs. Special thanks to: Amy Cherry for photography