Stylemaker Seven: Sid Evans, Editor in Chief of Southern Living


southern living

The latest issue of Southern Living magazine.

Southern Living magazine, the undeniable authority on everything its name suggests, celebrates its 50th anniversary this month.

Sure, times have changed over the past half-century, but maybe not so much.

‘We just did a story called ‘The New Old Dress’ in our anniversary issue, out this month,” says Sid Evans, the magazine’s editor in chief. “We took old sewing patterns from our earliest issues and asked modern Southern designers to reinvent them. It’s amazing how relevant those old patterns look. I think the best aspects of Southern style are timeless. Do you think we’ll ever get tired of blue jeans and cowboy boots? No way.”

southern living

Sid Evans, editor in chief of Southern Living.

Here, Sid, who was raised in Memphis and now resides in Birmingham with his family, shares seven essentials for a South he says is experiencing a “cultural renaissance” in food, music, fashion, literature, and more.

Sid Evans’ Stylemaker Seven

1. Cocktail: A Bloody Mary with Zing Zang and one of those spicy Tabasco green beans.

2. #Southernism: Yes, ma’am.

3. Dessert: Pecan pie—straight up, no chocolate, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

4. Restaurant: Highlands Bar and Grill in Birmingham. Maybe the best restaurant in the South.

5. Place to Get Away: Pawley’s Island, SC.

6. Entertaining Essential: A good set of highball glasses.

7. Bouquet: Peonies.