August 8, 2018 • Behind The Scenes

5 Things You Didn’t Know About the Draper James Fall 2018 Photo Shoot

One of our favorite things about a new season is the prep that goes into the campaign’s imagery.

Sometimes we head to a Southern location (think: Nashville), other times we shoot in a photo studio. For our Fall 2018 photo shoot, we compiled all the things we love about autumn—and Draper James, for that matter—and brought them under one roof to capture this collection’s essence.

Our Fall collection, as you may have seen, has lots of fan favorites, including easy-to-wear knits dresses, chambray separates, and pretty florals. We used iconic fall props—think pumpkins, apples, and footballs—to complement the new looks. And of course we had a puppy on set because every Draper James shoot needs a dog!

And here on the Love, Reese blog, we wanted to take you behind the scenes of the fun.

Below, read five things you didn’t know about the Draper James Fall 2018 photo shoot (and take a peek at five outtakes you won’t see anywhere else).

1.  The dynamic Grasscloth backgrounds came from Phillip Jeffries; you can buy them through decorators and designers.

We used the following:

Canvas Linens, 8060 in Blue Cascade
Vinyl Manila Hemp, 7696 in Kelly Green
Juicy Jute Grasscloth, 4829 in Blueberry

2. We shot at Root in Brooklyn, New York.

3. Coliena Rentmeester photographed the entire shoot.

4. The dog in the shoot is named Koba, and you can follow her @sweetbabygremlin.

She was rescued by the The Sato Project and now belongs to Erin Gray, the prop stylist for the shoot.

5. The shoot is a ton of work, but always so much fun.

Can you tell?

Shop the Fall 2018 collection here.