March 28, 2018 • STYLE SCHOOL

6 Quick Questions on Easter Dressing with Caila Quinn

Two of our favorites words are “Easter dresses.”

There’s just something so special about putting on your Sunday best in the springtime (and seeing the pretty dresses everyone else is wearing, too)!

Caila Quinn, who was able to bring her Draper James Easter dress on a recent trip to London, is in full agreement with us, and we were so excited to see how she styled the Meadow Lace Shirtdress for this joyous holiday.

Hear from Caila (and get her Easter dressing style tips) below.

1. Tell us about how you chose to style this dress.

I’ll be wearing this charming white lace dress with nude open-toe heels.

I love spring colors during the Easter holiday, so I’ll dress up the look with a bright cardigan and a pair of colorful earrings. Easter Sunday is a celebration, after all 🙂

2. What are your Easter plans this year?

I never miss an Easter Sunday, and this year I’ll be traveling with my boyfriend in Europe!

So this year will be extra special as we’ll be attending a historic church in the south of France.

3. Do you have any Easter traditions?

Ever since I was a little girl, one of my aunts would subtly braid flowers in my hair.

She has since passed away, but a fishtail or braid crown always reminds me of those early mornings where us women would catch up.

4. When picking out an Easter dress, is there anything in particular you look for?

When picking out an Easter dress, I look for something feminine and tastefully appropriate.

5. Describe your Easter style in one word.


6. What’s your favorite Easter memory from your childhood?

I remember sitting on the freshly cut grass in the backyard and pouring out a mountain of pastel eggs. My cousins and I would trade our candy like Pokémon cards.

Very considerate, my little brother in his tiny bow tie would always save the Twix to trade with me, because he knew they were my favorite.