September 1, 2017 • SOUTHERNISMS, Tailgating

#GoYall: 5 Southernisms to Use During Football Season

With the Draper James Spirit Week (#GOYALL) and football season now in full force, we felt it was more than appropriate to share some more of our favorite things: Southernisms.

Specifically, Southernisms to use during football and tailgating season.

Because when you’re out cheering on your team, wearing your team colors, and devouring some pimento cheese pigs in a blanket and TK RECIPE, you can’t help but incorporate the South and football into your everyday speech.

1. When you just can’t control how excited you are for tailgating and wearing your team colors.

2. When you’re trying to explain to everyone exactly why you’re so excited.

football southernisms

3. When you need an excuse to get totally dressed up on Saturdays.

football southernisms

4. When you have to tell someone you love them, and REALLY mean it.

football southernisms

5. And in the words of the legendary coach of the University of Alabama football team…

football southernisms