September 11, 2015 • STYLE

Behind the Scenes at Our Fall Photo Shoot

It was practically inevitable that we would photograph our Fall 2015 collection at The Greenbrier.

The storied resort is a favorite of Reese’s for its adherence to southern tradition (no hats in the dining room, but bonnets for the ladies are always permitted!) and its expansive—and stunning—grounds.

Famously decorated by design pioneer Dorothy Draper, The Greenbrier is exuberantly decked out in bright colors and large-scale patterns.

From day one, it has inspired the unabashed palette and playful prints seen throughout the Draper James collection—so much so that the hotel’s lavish Trellis Lobby appears on many of our mood boards as well as Reese’s personal Pinterest page.

Late this summer, a whole crew of us—makeup artist, hair stylist, models, photographer, fashion stylist, and more—accompanied Reese to White Sulphur Springs, WV, where The Greenbrier has been welcoming guests since 1778.

We packed in a full day of scouting (we didn’t even come close to covering the 10,000 acres of this sweeping luxury retreat) and three days of shooting, and we even managed to find a few moments to goof off.

Here, some behind-the-scenes shots from our Fall 2015 photo shoot.

Keep it Pretty, Please

Reese getting her make-up done

Makeup artist Kelsey Deenihan layers an extra dose of pink onto Reese’s lips—in a shade that pairs perfectly with the floral striped wallpaper in this guest cottage.

The spirited wall covering is a classic motif by Carleton Varney, a Dorothy Draper protégé, who has long served as president of her eponymous firm.

We thought it made the perfect backdrop for our accessories.

Pinterest Perfect


By day, “nothing more strenuous than a game of bridge goes on in the Trellis Lobby,” says Dr. Bob Conte, The Greenbrier’s on-staff historian.

By night, he continues, “it’s the place where our photographer sets up his equipment to capture our well-dressed guests on the way to dinner in the dining room.” With its ice-cream-colored walls and decorative fireplace accent wall and mantle, this stately yet vibrant spot has captivated and inspired the Draper James team since Reese first dreamed up the brand.

Svetlana in Stilettos


The North Parlour—a lovely room containing some of the finest antiques at the 237-year-old hotel—served as the base camp for our shoot.

Here, stylist Kelly Hill adjusts a shoe worn by Svetlana, one of three models who were photographed alongside Reese.

Planning by Post-It


We photographed both Fall and Holiday at The Greenbrier (more on the latter later), which required tremendous organization. On shoots like this one, well-packed trunks and strategically placed Post-It notes are at stylist’s best friend.

Hello, Handbags!


Reese proves that you don’t have to choose just one when you can carry them all.

Playing Favorites


She may not have to pick from all those handbags, but she does have to make photo selects. Here, Reese works in real-time to choose the images she loves most.

Models on Duty


The Draper James team was immediately drawn to the Victorian Writing Room—and no wonder: “It’s the quintessential Dorothy Draper Room at The Greenbrier,” says Dr. Conte. “We have quite consciously redecorated this room exactly the same since Dorothy Draper first decorated it in 1948.” (The room’s rich colors also paired so perfectly with our fall floral prints!)

Here, Kelly Hill, photographer Paul Costello, and models Svetlana (left) and Amanda regroup for a moment between takes.

Down the Rabbit Hole


Short doors? No, tall models! This straight-out-of-Alice-in-Wonderland image, taken on our marketing associate’s iPhone, shows models Svetlana (left) and Kaone flanking an antique urn that has been sitting in that exact spot since Dorothy Draper placed it there in 1948.

We like how the extra-wide blue stripes on the walls recall our signature handbag lining.

Goofy and Gorgeous


When five gals take command of a guy’s camera at a DJ photo shoot. Clockwise from left: models Amanda (@amandavanderziel), Svetlana (@svetuliukas), and Kaone (@kaonekario); makeup artist Kelsey Deenihan (@kdeenihan); hair stylist Kylee Heath (@kyleeheathhair); and photographer Paul Costello (@pthepaul).