April 26, 2018 • HOLIDAYS

The Official Draper James Mother’s Day Gift Guide

There’s no doubt about it: Mama knows best.

And Mother’s Day, which falls on May 13 this year, is a day these women who know best should also get the best (presents)!

You want your mama to feel as loved and cherished as she makes you feel; you also want to find something that will align with the incredible woman she is.

Sounds like a tough task, right? Well, it isn’t if you come to the right place.

And here at Draper James, we’ve created our Mother’s Day Gift Guide, which is stocked with all kinds of gifts your mama will fawn over.

For the gardener mama

“Martha’s Flowers”

Floral Garden Gloves

Gardening Tote

Garden Tool Set

For every kind of mama

Mama Knows Best Tee

For the always put-together mama

Mama Knows Best Magnolia Canvas Pouch

For the on-the-go mama

Mama Knows Best Magnolia Tote

For the strong mama (or daughter!)

Raised By A Strong Woman Tote

Raised By A Strong Woman Tee