May 25, 2017 • STYLE, STYLE SCHOOL

Style School: How to Wear White All Summer Long

It’s almost Memorial Day, and y’all know what that means: Bring out your white dresses, tops, and skirts.

Wearing white, though, especially in the summer, isn’t always as simple as it seems.

Are you allowed to wear white before Memorial Day? Is wearing white-on-white a fashion faux pas or an effortless way to look pulled together?

And while we love a good barbecue or summer picnic — who doesn’t — what do you do when someone accidentally spills the baked beans or sweet tea down the front of your new white jean shorts?

We asked two stylish Southern bloggers, Katey McFarlan of Chronicles of Frivolity and Caroline Bramlett of LCB Style, to help us out and give us the lowdown on how to wear white all summer long.

how to wear white

Katey, a true Texas gal who’s “always on the hunt for a feminine, button-up blouse,” chose to style our Magnolia Lace Button Down. Photo credit: Angie Garcia

how to wear white

And Caroline, an Alabama sweetheart, was drawn to the “fit and flare” style and the lace that makes the Lace Payton Dress so special.

What’s one thing everyone should know about wearing white in the summer?

KM: Don’t be intimidated by wearing all neutrals. So many times girls think white will wash them out, and in fact, I think it is the opposite. White is the perfect canvas to show off any skin tone and hair color. Throw on a fun lipstick and wear it all summer in confidence.

CB: Never underestimate the power and versatility of a little white dress like the Lace Payton Dress. This adorable item can be dressed up or down for nearly any occasion or event!

how to wear white

“I styled this top with white jeans and nude mules and added a red lip and red nails… I’m a Texas girl and fully believe teased hair and a bright lip pairs well with any look. I also threw on a little crossbody bag as opposed to a large tote.” Photo credit: Angie Garcia

Anything you should avoid if you’re wearing a white dress or top?

KM: I’m a Pinot Noir girl, but I swap that out in the summer for a crisp, white wine.

CB: Any colorful sweets or drinks. Eating ice cream on a hot summer day wearing a white dress isn’t the best idea. Trust me 🙂

how to wear white

“Pink and white is one of my favorite color combos, so I chose to style this dress with a couple standout pink accessories: lace-up espadrilles and statement earrings. I love the pop of color against the bright white!”

Say you just can’t say no to some red wine or ice cream… Do you have any secrets for getting those miserable summer stains out of white clothing?

KM: The Dreft baby stain stick gets any little spot out! I apply the stain stick then scrub with an old toothbrush as opposed to a cloth… Another trick is to add a teaspoon of lemon juice with your bleach in the washing machine. It will make your whites so much brighter. And never forget the power of a great dry cleaners.

CB: Cold sparkling water can work wonders on stains!

how to wear white

“I’d wear it to brunch with my husband and our friends on a Sunday! It gets so warm on a patio in the Texas heat, so I love how breathable the lace is!” Photo credit: Angie Garcia

So that little rule about not wearing white before Memorial Day or after Labor Day… what’s your opinion on that?

KM: Absolutely not! I really don’t think there are too many rules in fashion now. I personally think it’s more important to just stay true to your own style and feel comfortable in whatever you are wearing. Besides, if Olivia Pope wore white all year, so can I!

CB: Definitely not! I wear white year round and never check the calendar before slipping on a pair of white jeans or a little white dress. White is such a clean, classic color, and it can be easily transitioned from season to season with the right accessories.

how to wear white

“I would wear this dress to brunch, dinner parties, Memorial Day and Fourth of July celebrations, and more!”

Any exciting summer plans?

KM: I’m just excited to experience all of my daughter’s firsts with her! She’ll get to go on her first plane ride, her first Fourth of July, her first barbecue, and first wedding.

CB: This summer I am looking forward to lots of beach trips and long sunny days by the ocean!

Shop Katey’s top here, and Caroline’s dress here.