January 3, 2017 • Behind The Scenes, HOLIDAYS

Reese’s New Year’s Resolutions

Reese Witherspoon on vacation, three people at sunset

Instagram: @reesewitherspoon

I have so many New Year’s resolutions… I really want to try to communicate to young women everywhere the depth of the oppportunities available to them… I’d also like to cook more this year. I love trying out new recipes on my kids for Sunday night dinners or baking yummy treats.” – xo, Reese


As for the rest of the Draper James team? On this, the first official day of the “work year,” here are a few resolutions from our office, where mindfulness and joyful living are major themes.

Melissa Baird, VP Systems & Procedures:  “Be more present in the moment.”

Jordan Brocato, Operations Coordinator: “Wear more prints!”

Katherine Brodie, Director of eCommerce: “Wear more lipstick!”

Stephanie Cheng, eCommerce Coordinator: “Be more mindful… and call my parents more often!”


Andrea Hyde, CEO: “To learn to meditate. It has been on my list for the last five years. More reading and theater are other favorites.”

Nolan Jones, eCommerce Operations: “Bless more hearts and butter more biscuits.”

Lydia Mansel, Social Media Manager: “This year I want to start reading a lot more. Usually my bedtime routine consists of checking emails and reading online, but I have a whole bookshelf of books I haven’t even touched.”

Whitney Mills, Assistant to the CEO: “Entertain (even if it’s cocktails and appetizers!) at my apartment. I fall into the same routine of going out to dinner with friends constantly and I’d love to have people over for a change.”


Ashley Perkins, Digital Brand Marketing Manager: “To spend more time volunteering. I’m very blessed to live the life that I do, so I’d like to give back to people who aren’t as fortunate.”

Heather Whitney Rosenfield, Director of Design Development: “My annual resolution is to be grateful and stay present. That is a work in constant progress. My extra resolutions for 2017 are: drink less coffee, see more art, and learn to speak French (well). I have more hope for the success of some than of others!”

Trish Whalen, VP, Brand and Business Development: “To be on time… Fashionably late has run its course!