Southern Flower Language

April showers bring May flowers, and over at Draper James, we’ve got a bevy of blossoms on our hands. Our new summer collection is blooming with trailing vines, dashing dahlias, lush lilies, dogwoods, daisies, magnolias, and more.

Which brings us to the topic of ‘floriography’—otherwise known as the language of flowers. In the Victorian era, a lady never spoke directly; instead, she’d send her missive to its intended recipient with a bouquet of blooms, each signifying a feeling or sentiment. Take a page from the Victorians (whom we’ve loosely interpreted below) and send your love a flower message—updated, of course, for a modern Southern gal.


Coral Charm Peonies arranged in our Draper James Mint Julep Cups.


Fresh flowers aren’t just beautiful; they convey all sorts of messages.



Old Meaning: I am busy and cannot accept your invitation.

New Meaning: I’m actually just watching Game of Thrones tonight, but my mama taught me not to accept an invitation that came right at the last minute.



Old Meaning: Remain kind during trying times.

New Meaning: I know you were offended when you didn’t get invited to Anna-Grace’s Christmas Eve party this year, but you still have to act nice at her housewarming party.



Old Meaning: My love for you is enduring.

New Meaning: My affection for your sister’s pimento cheese recipe knows no bounds.


Apple Blossom

Old Meaning: I prefer you above all.

New Meaning: I prefer you above all.*

*Unless Matthew McConaughey comes available, in which case, I prefer him.



Old Meaning: I am feeling bashful—perhaps even ashamed.

New Meaning: That “homemade” chicken salad you were swooning over? I actually picked it up this afternoon at the Piggly Wiggly.


Wild Roses

Old Meaning: I love you, though you bring me heartache.

New Meaning: I went to Duke and I’ve painted my entire house blue, though I’m still not over the win-less 2006 season.


Old Meaning: I must speak my truth.

New Meaning: I’m actually from Chicago. (I just moved to Savannah in 2008.)


Old Meaning: Our connection is timeless and deep.

New Meaning: I felt really close to you when I found out you were still sad about when Loretta Lynn’s dad dies in Coal Miner’s Daughter.


Red Fuchsia

Old Meaning: I like your taste.

New Meaning: I would like your taste better if it came in Draper James packaging.



Old Meaning: You charm me.

New Meaning: You know I go crazy for a man in white bucks.


Red Tulips

Old Meaning: I declare my love for you.

New Meaning: I declare my love for Bojangles Cajun Filet Biscuits.