May 7, 2016 • Behind The Scenes, PEOPLE

Mother’s Day Minute: Reese


A sweet moment with Reese and Tennessee between takes during our Summer 2016 campaign shoot.

All we wanted for Mother’s Day (besides, perhaps, a present or two!) was for a few of the hard-working moms in our office to give us a minute of their precious time. You’ve already met DJ CEO Andrea Hyde and Heather Whitney Rosenfield, our Director of Design Development. Now hear what Reese herself has to say about one of her favorite holidays of the year:

Name: Reese Witherspoon

Role at Draper James: Founder

Hometown: Nashville, TN

Current City: Los Angeles

Children: Ava, age 16; Deacon, age 12; Tennessee, age 3

Favorite Mother’s Day tradition: My kids always make me breakfast in bed with homemade cards and flowers from the garden. I love it!  It’s so cute to hear them downstairs in the kitchen working so hard to make coffee and pancakes!

If my family really wanted to ‘wow’ me this Mother’s Day, they would. . .  Let me sleep past 6 o’clock. Ha!

My Mother’s Day wish: That all the mothers in the world are truly cherished by their children. Being a mom is hard work and moms deserve a lot of love for that!

Lesson my mother taught me that I’m passing down to my children: I always take a million pictures of my kids and brag about them every day. I want them to know that I am their biggest fan. My mother taught me that.

Favorite way to spend alone-time with each of my children: My kids are also different and enjoy different things. My daughter is very artistic, so we love doing art products together—water colors, cross-stitching, crafting. . . Sometimes, all we do is wander around the craft store for hours! My oldest son loves to golf, so it’s fun to take him to the golf range. I’m so impressed by how much he loves golfing and how much time he dedicates to it. He has great focus. My youngest son is only three, so we spend a lot of time pretending to be superheroes—usually running around the house chasing one another. He is my little Captain America!