October 26, 2015 • PEOPLE, STYLE

How Do You Do: Mrs. Lilien on Writing Thank-You Notes

It may be hovering around 50° in NYC, but it’s in the eighties in Nashville, in L.A., and, oh, in Hawaii, where Kelley Lilien resides.

This ultra-fabulous, fashionable, and all-around lovely lady is most commonly known by her nom de blog, Mrs. Lilien. And it’s on that completely addictive site that she dishes out advice and ideas about the finer things in life—from shopping to style to cocktails and even convalescing.

When it comes to how to behave like a lady, there’s no one better to turn to than The Mrs.

Which is why we knew she’d be the perfect person to show us how to write a thank-you note—in head-to-toe Draper James, of course.

“Oozing with suthun’ charm,” as she put it, she threw on on a matching ensemble and set off to her “office” under the Hawaiian canopy, where she put pencil to paper to write the kind of note that only a Mrs. could pull off.

See Mrs. Lilien’s guide to the charming life, created exclusively for Draper James, below—and read more on her site here.


Mrs. Lilien is wearing our Nashville Shirt and Bristol Short in Navy Stripe. She put our Southern Pencil Set to work on our Assorted Southern Greeting Cards. And while she’s got old-fashioned manners, she always keeps her iPhone at her side. Hers is dressed fashionably in our Hush Y’all case.