September 21, 2015 • PLACES

DJ Go: The Greenbrier


The Greenbrier

After a full day shooting the Draper James Fall 2015 collection, model Amanda plays a game of ten-pin at The Greenbrier’s private bowling alley.

It’s no secret we’re obsessed with The Greenbrier.

The venerable Dorothy- Draper- designed hotel didn’t just inspire the prints in our Fall collection; it served as the site of our recent photo shoot.

Here, our team’s top 10 to-do’s (when not styling models, that is) at this stunning, storied, and action-packed resort.

1. Strike!: Reese’s favorite part of The Greenbrier? “Hands-down, the bowling alley! After a full day of shooting, we hit the lanes, played deejay on the jukebox, and bowled until midnight.” Highly recommend.

2. Boogie in the Ballroom: Ask to check out the ornate, peach-toned Cameo Ballroom. Be sure to download a waltz onto your iPhone beforehand, so you can sneak in a little dance with your beloved.

3. Take a Shake Break: Reese readily admits that the highlight of the photo shoot was the shake break at Draper’s, the hotel’s laid-back cafe known for its southern comfort food. “There’s nothing better than a chocolate milkshake and some friend green tomatoes in between outfit changes,” she says.

4. Go Under Cover: In the 1950s, the U.S. government built an underground bunker under the hotel to house Congress in case of war. A visit to the bunker, declassified since 1992, is a view into a fascinating period in the resort’s 237-year history.

5. Play the Sport of Kings: Practice the 4,000-year-old sport of falconry with a lesson (and a history lesson!) with an expert in-house trainer.

6. Dash through the Snow: Come winter, take a sleigh ride around The Greenbrier’s massive property. In the meantime, you can do the same (and check out the beautiful fall foliage) on a horse-drawn carriage.

7. Practice Your Swing: The resort’s four scenic courses provide plenty of options at all skill levels.

8. Goin’ to the Chapel? Gonna get married? The Greenbrier’s newly-constructed chapel seats up to 500 guests. The DJ team loves the way the colorful stained glass windows evoke the area’s mountainous landscape.

9. Play a Trump Card. . . During a game of bridge in the Trellis Lobby. The sunny room is one of Reese’s favorite spots in the resort.

10. Plan a Picnic: 2015 marks the 180th anniversary of the opening of The Springhouse, the symbol of the resort for generations. Don a pair of Draper James sunnies (or throw some shade with our sunhat) and have a picnic delivered. (We recommend The Greenbrier’s famous Fried Chicken and Watermelon picnic basket.)