September 29, 2015 • DJ AT HOME

DJ Do: Just Brew It


It’s #nationalcoffeeday—and to that we say, TGFC (as in, Thank Goodness for Coffee).

Reese, who speaks to no one before her morning cup, takes hers with a splash of milk, no sugar.

And please brew it super strong. “My husband thinks I drink sludge,” she says, “but I think strong coffee is delish.”

Hands-down, Reese’s favorite coffee is church coffee (yep, the kind they serve at church on Sundays). But at home she usually makes chicory coffee from the legendary Café Du Monde in New Orleans.

“I love to drink it out of a happy mug with a cute saying—it just puts me in a good mood to start the day,” she says.

We’ll drink to that.